Report of the Activities of ECICW 2000-2003

The European Centre of the International Council of Women, ECICW, was founded in Switzerland in 1961 and registered in Finland 2002. Today it consists of National Councils in 21 European countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.

The aim of the ECICW is to empower women and to promote their participation in decision-making at national and European levels; to support Human Rights and to eliminate all kinds of discrimination; to encourage sustainable development and peace.

ECICW studies and monitors questions relating to the situation of women in Europe. It presents motions and statements, responds to initiatives from various authorities at the European level.

ECICW has Consultative Status with the Council of Europe and through ICW with the UN. It is a member of the European Women's Lobby.

The Board members 2000-2001 were: President Lily Boeykens, Belgium, Vice-Presidents Laura Finne-Elonen, Finland, Maria Luisa Oliveda, Spain and Judith Asbot Thorma, Hungary, Secretary Lois Hainsworth, Great Britain and Treasurer Marian Nauta- Blijham ,The Netherlands.
The Board 2001-2003: President Laura Finne-Elonen. Vice-Presidents Judith Asbot Thorma, Hungary, Brigitte Le Gouise, France and Maria Luisa Oliveda, Spain, Secretary Brigitte W. Wenzke, Germany and Treasurer Marian Nauta-Blijham, The Netherlands. The Board has met 4 - 5 times every year.

The ECICW has met twice every year at a General Assembly to discuss strategies and exchange ideas. National Councils in countries which have not joined ICW are welcome as observers. The working groups meet in the connection of the GA to work on the present key issues:
Funding & sponsoring, Enlargement of ECICW and Empowerment of women.

The 40th Anniversary of the ECICW was celebrated in November 2001 in connection with the General Assembly at the Youth Hostel ‘Génération Europe’ in Brussels.

The Constitution of ECICW was adapted in Malta on March 15th 2002 and the organisation was registered in June 2002 in Helsinki, Finland.

ECICW Regional Seminars have been held in connection with the General Assemblies:

April 2003 Pavia, Italy: “The culture and the politics of the water; the commitment of European Women”

September 2002 Helsinki, Finland: "Women Power in Europe" during a cruise with Ladies' Boat

March 2002 Sliema, Malta "Opportunities for Women in an Enlarged Europe"

November 2000 Paris, France "European Councils - An Economic and Social Force"

March 2000 Brussels,Belgium "Democracy and the enlargement of the European Union"

Collaboration and representation

International Council of Women Laura Finne-Elonen, President of ECICW is a Member of the ICW board. Elisabeth Acar de Langre represents ICW at the GA of ECICW.

The European Union President Laura Finne-Elonen represented the ECICW at the NGO Conference "Citizen's Forum" which preceded the EU Summit in November 2001 in Laeken.

The Council of Europe has granted the ECICW the right to submit Collective Complaints alleging unsatisfactory application of the European social Charter (if a State member of the CoE has taken a ministerial or juridical decree which is contrary to the decree of the European Social Charter).

President Laura Finne-Elonen was invited as key note speaker at the seminar "The Aftermath of September 11: "Investing in democracy for a more cohesive society" arranged by the Council of Europe in Palais de l'Europe in Strasbourg , Jan.2002.

CoE invited on the rekommendation of ECICW Judith Asboth Thorma, Hungary in 2000 and Olga Kobets, Ukraine in 2001 to Strasbourg to attend a seminar arranged for representatives of NGOs in CEE countires.

NGO-Unit at the Council of Europe: Marguerite Blancke and Brigitte Le Gouis represent the ECICW at the Forum of NGOs and take part in the Plenary Conferences and the work of the important groupings.

President Laura Finne-Elonen and Vice-President Brigitte Le Gouis took part in the Citizens' Forum seminar "Prevention of violence in everyday life: civil society's contribution", in Strasbourg, Nov. 2002.

European Food Safety Authority Grace Wedekind represents the ICW and ECICW interests in a consultative group in London.

European Women's Lobby Lois Hainsworth represented the ECICW at the Board of EWL 1997-2002. In September 2002 Laura Finne-Elonen was elected to the Board of EWL as the representative of ECICW .

Karat Coalition is the most important network of women's organisations in Central and Eastern Europe.
Two representatives of Karat were invited to the GA in Helsinki to discuss future co-operation.

The ECICW Contribution to the Charter of the Fundamental Rights of Europe was formulated by President Lily Boeykens. It is followed up by the ECICW. All the material is now handed to a student at the University of Oslo, Norway who is writing on his Master-degree and analysing the involvement of civil society in the process of drafting the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

The ECICW proposals to the Contributional Treaty of the Union may be read on the home pages of the Convention. The ECICW signed its support to the conclusions of the European Conference in Athens April 2nd 2003.

ECICW proposed three motions to the GA of EWL in 2002 on: 1. Parity Democracy in the EU Parliament and the Parliamentary bodies of EU member countries, 2. Educational measures to achieve better understanding of the principles of human right and the need for racial tolerance and full equality between women and men and 3. Joint efforts to stop trafficking in women and children. All passed.

ECICW gave its comments to EWL on the EWL position statement on pensions in 2001.

Motion on Food Safety : The GA of ECICW approved a motion on Food Safety Authority in EU where there is virtually no female consumer input. (2002)

Press releases
Press release from the 40th Anniversary of ECICW November 2001 claiming that the Afghani women ought to be fully engaged in the peace making process and included in the future government.
Press release September 2002 on the issue Nigeria and the Sharia law.
Press releases in connection to the General Assemblies.
ECICW signed the EWL Anti-War call together with 120 other Women's organisations.

A new leaflet on the ECICW and its activities was presented at the GA in Pavia.
The Home Pages of the ECICW are on the address

Helsinki, May 2003

Laura Finne-Elonen
President of ECICW


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