Text of a letter addressed to European Institutions and National Government

You will recall that ECICW in November 2005 drew to your attention a resolution passed at our General Assembly in Freiburg, Germany about trafficking in women. ECICW, at its recent meeting in Athens on May 11th, held further discussions on this subject and studied recent developments in this area of trans-national organised crime.

ECICW wishes to express its continuing concern regarding the slow progress in action against the traffickers, and the very limited actions by governments to provide protection and assistance for the victims. Particular concern was expressed by this meeting about difficulties in safeguarding borders.

ECICW recommends greater vigilance by police authorities in all countries, and increased inter-European cooperation and exchange of information via Interpol and Europol. In addition to extended programmes for the protection and rehabilitation of women trafficked against their will, ECICW recommends further action to raise awareness among women and men about the risks of trafficking in all European countries, and about health issues involved. It was noted with approval that some countries had introduced telephone help lines for the provision of confidential information, and had also alerted all men to the risk of prosecution if they were found guilty of exploiting trafficked women.

We are bringing this to the attention of European Institutions and National Governments, and should be glad to have your comments to bring before our next General Assembly in Kiev in September 2006.

Laura Finne-Elonen
President of ECICW –CECIF
Dagmarinkatu 8 B 30
FIN- 00100 Helsinki

NOTE. The European Centre of the International Council of Women, ECICW-CECIF is a pan –European umbrella organization working within the framework of the International Council of Europe and the European Women’s Lobby, with a participative status at the Council of Europe. ECICW-CECIF consists of National Councils in 23 European countries. Together they represent 10 million women through their 850 member organisations.

Austria: Bund Osterreichischer Frauenvereine
Azerbaijan: Association for the Protection of Women Rights After D.Aliyeva
Belgium: Nederlandstalige Vrouwenraad
Denmark: Women’s Council in Denmark
Finland: National Council of Women of Finland
France: Conseil National des Femmes Françaises
FYROM: Union of Women’s Organizations of the Republic of Macedonia
Germany: Deutscher Frauenring
Great Britain: National Council of Women of Great Britain
Greece: Conseil National des Femmes Hellènes
Hungary: Hungarian Women’s Association
Israel: Council of Women’s Organisations in Israel
Italy: Consiglio Nazionale delle Donne Italiane
Lithuania: Lithuanian Women’s Society
Luxemburg: Fédération Nationale des Femmes Luxembourgeoises
Malta: National Council of Women of Malta
Monaco: Union des Femmes Monégasques
Netherlands: Nederlandse Vrouwenraad
Russia: The Women Union of Russia
Spain: Consejo Nacional de Mujeres de Espana
Switzerland: Alliance F - Alliance de Sociétés Féminines Suisses
Turkey: National Council of Turkish Women
Ukraine: Ukrainian National Women’s Council


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