Venäjän naisten kattojärjestön, 2 miljoonan jäsenen Women's Union of Russian, puheenjohtajan ja kansainvälisten asioiden sihteerin kirje 24.5.2004.
Venäläisetkin naiset tukevat Lauraa

Dear Laura,

We heard that you participate in the elections to the European Parliament. It is great!!! We will support you in this hard competion and say that we know you since 1997 and think you will be the best representative from Finland in the European Parliament!!!  We know you as a very active advocate for women's rights. For many years you stand for people in Finland. We saw in Helsinki how much time you are spending to solve the problems of ordinary women. We think that  exactly women, (but not only they)  should support you in this election campaign, because you fight for their rights everywhere: in our international organistaion - European Centre of the International Women's council, where representatives of 28 countries are working hard together, to achieve the equality of women all over the world, and also in the European Women's Lobby, where you represent the ECICW, and naturally in Finnish organisations, first of all for for Finnish women.

We, the women of Russia, feel envious when we see how much success the finnish women have reached in their life. They had and have the highest places in social and political life of the country. But it didn't happen at once. Women's organisation and such active and not indifferent people as you could help them to  feel themselves equal to men. I think such a readiness to help people should be the main distinguishing feature of the EU-Parlamentarian. During your work for society you got knowledge of life, experiences, you got acquainted to many women all over the world and we all highly appreciate you, your very high qualification, good heart and  unceasing concern and readiness to be useful for people.

All Russian women who know you very well and we too wish you heartily much success in the election campaign. We will pray for you. We hope to see you in the Europaen Parliament!!!!

Dear Laura, please excuse  our bad English, we wanted to say much more about you,  but it is very difficult to express one's thoughts in the foreign language.It was just an impulse to send you this letter. Thank you for your work and stay as you are!!!

Alevtina Fedulova
Women's Union of Russia, President,
Elena Bashun
Women's Union of Russia, Director of international programms 


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Venäläisetkin naiset tukevat Lauraa
Venäjän naisten kattojärjestön, 2 miljoonan jäsenen Women's Union of Russian, puheenjohtajan ja kansainvälisten asioiden sihteerin kirje 24.5.2004.

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